Olivia & Micah | Tercero Wedding

CJP - Olivia.Micah.Wedding-108.jpg

Have you ever heard that saying “when you know, you just know”? Well, that perfectly sums up Olivia and Micah’s love story in one sentence. Micah and Olivia met in art class in high school. At that time, Olivia’s sister was dating Micah’s best friend so they started talking as a ‘joke’ because they thought it would be funny if sisters were dating best friends. Well, the joke was on them because Micah told his mom that he was going to marry her the day they started hanging out. Then, they said “I love you” within three weeks of dating! And honestly, look at them...there is no way they weren’t meant to be together. How perfect are they?

Olivia and Micah were obviously so deeply in love, but what was also really evident in their wedding day was how much they are loved by their community. When they were telling me about what they wanted for their wedding, they repeated over and over how important their community was to them and how much they loved their friends and family. They didn’t want their loved ones to just witness their marriage, they wanted them to be a part of it, and that’s how I know their marriage will be a strong, successful, and joyful one!

Olivia describes herself as organized and a typical first-born child with a type A personality, while, Micah is more laid back, personable, and outgoing. How perfect of a fit is that? They have such different personalities, but they are focused so much on serving each other in humility and love, and even included this in their wedding as they washed each other’s feet as part of their ceremony (which was personally my favorite part!). Also, unrelated, they had a LIVE PAINTER who was painting their ceremony as it happened. Um, that’s definitely new favorite wedding suggestion!

My favorite weddings are ones where the bride and groom are so happy that you can feel their joy through just looking at the pictures, and this was one of those weddings. It was such an amazing and special day, and I was so honored to be a part of it. Congratulations Olivia and Micah!


Photography: Carmela Joy Photography

Venue: Tercero by Aldea

Florist: AZ Flower Fix

Hair: Coffee Cuts & Curls

Makeup: Emily Mosby

Dress: Wedding Belles

Suit: Men’s Wearhouse

Calligrapher: Red Arch Design

DJ: Tony the Entertainer

Cake: Fleur de Lis Cakes

Live Painter: Live Event Artist AZ

Carmela Joy