Jenn & Alex | Blackstone Country Club Wedding

As a wedding photographer, I see many different types of weddings. Some weddings are lighthearted, quirky, and fun. Other weddings are more serious and sentimental. Jenn and Alex’s wedding was the absolute perfect mix of both. The spectacular stone walls of their venue, Jenn’s incredibly stunning lace dress, and their gorgeous bouquets took my breath away, while the goofy groomsmen, adorable ringbearer (he was a French bulldog, and I’m obsessed with dogs so it was kind of perfect), and their sweet, playful, deep love for one another kept me smiling the whole night.

You guys, I cannot get over all the stunning details in Jenn and Alex’s wedding. The stone walls. The intricate, detailed tile stairs. The beautiful shade of blue that the bridesmaids all wore. And you know what’s amazing? Even with how breathtaking all those details were, Jenn outshone every single one. By FAR. Look how drop-dead gorgeous she was!

Jenn and Alex are such an adventurous, outgoing couple, and every bit of their personalities showed in their wedding. Their bridal party were the most fun people who kept me giggling the whole time, and the ceremony was straight out of a dream. Also, did I mention how much I loved the ring bearer? Pretty sure the feeling is mutual, I’m just saying.

Jenn and Alex put so much planning in their special day, and every detail was perfect. However, what was most evident to me was how much fun they have together and how much they love one another, and I have no doubt that they will spend each and every one of their days deeply in love, exploring new places, and laughing until they cry. Congratulations Jenn and Alex!


Venue: Blackstone Country Club

DJ: AZ Music Force

Florist: Flowers by Jodi

Dress: Bella Lily Bridal

Suit: Nick’s Menswear

Hair: Anna Jacobs

Makeup: Stacey Morgan - Makeup Lounge AZ

Carmela Joy