Kristen & Eli | Sedona Anniversary


The thing that makes me love this job so much is that I get to be a permanent part of so many wonderful couples’ love stories, but to me, that is also a huge responsibility. Decades from now, when my couples are old and gray and watching their great-grandchildren run around from their front porch, they’ll pull out an old wedding album and it will be my photos that transport them back to the day they committed their lives to one another. Capturing these kinds of memories is so important to me, so that’s why I was so stoked when Kristen and Eli asked me to do an anniversary shoot with them!

It feels like chance for me to add another chapter to their love story. Years from now, when Kristen and Eli are looking at that old photo album, they’ll be able to turn the page and say “and we were still just as in love a year later, because we were truly soulmates and we were meant to be together forever.”  And I get to be a part of that! Wow. I am truly blessed. When we were talking about these pictures, Kristen said, “On the day of our wedding I was SO excited that despite having purchased a veil to wear, I forgot about it for the entire day. I truly had the best day of my life that day and I know it’s a trivial thing, but still it seemed a shame to let that beautiful veil go without a single photo. Fast forward one year and Eli and I recently celebrated one year of marriage (yay!!!), so we took some celebratory photos with Carmela - and I got to wear my veil for the first time! It felt a little like marrying this man all over again and I was all about it. Happy anniversary, my sweet. You have been the most wonderful husband I ever could have imagined and I am so excited to see where God will take us through the rest of our (many) years of marriage to come.” Cue the tears. Oh, you were already crying? Yeah, me too.

Kristen and Eli, it was SO MUCH FUN to do this shoot with you guys.Thank you for still letting me be a part of your story. It was an honor to shoot your wedding and now it is an honor to call you guys my friends. Congratulations on still being so amazingly in love!

Carmela Joy