Becca & Andrew | Sand Dunes Engagement


As a wedding photographer, I am blessed with the unique opportunity to meet so many wonderful couples and I get to be a part of so many love stories. However, once in a while, I get the chance to capture a love story that is really personal to me, and Becca and Andrew’s story is one of those stories. Andrew is my husband Preston’s best friend, and both he and his beautiful fiance Becca are friends that we hold so dear to our hearts. Therefore, when I got the chance to take them to the dunes and capture these amazing shots, I was ecstatic!

Becca is outgoing, caring, fun, and goofy (not to mention stunningly gorgeous), and Andrew is creative, thoughtful, and a fantastic listener. Combine that with their deep, wild love for one another, and you have the ultimate power couple! They are also total troopers -- they spent two hours in the hot, sticky sand and smiled the entire time.

My favorite part of this shoot was when Becca and Andrew pulled out letters they wrote to each other and read them to each other in the middle of the sand. The raw emotion on their faces as they told each other how much they meant to each other brought tears to my eyes. The sun definitely wasn’t the only thing burning passionately that day.

I am so, so excited for Becca and Andrew’s wedding, both because they love each other so much but also because Preston and I love them as well. Having a community around you that loves and supports you in your marriage is so important for newlywed couples, and I am so, so thrilled to be a part of their community. Congratulations Becca and Andrew! Can’t wait for your big day!

PS. Here are two bonus pictures of my dorky husband/assistant, Preston.

CJP - Becca.Andrew.Engagement-323.jpg
CJP - Becca.Andrew.Engagement-324.jpg
Carmela Joy