Mogollon Rim Proposal! | Payson, Arizona

My sister, Cat, and Kyle are ENGAGED!! Yes, that’s right - my sister. MY SISTER. Can you tell how excited I am?! With about 2-3 months of planning, Kyle and I came up with a brilliant plan to go camping in Payson and I asked Kyle and Cat if they could ‘model’ for me for a couples shoot on the Mogollon Rim because I was truthfully dying to shoot there. So, the day finally came, and we packed our bags up, threw up our tents, and I told them to get dressed. We started off with one outfit and started taking photos around our campsite and then I asked them to change to their nicer outfit and we drove to the Rim right before sunset. About 10 minutes into shooting, I secretly motioned to Kyle the spot where he should get down on one knee. I chose a spot that was a little dangerous (because it was a cliff) but it was just the prettiest spot and I couldn’t resist! So I instructed them to head to the cliff for a few more photos and that was when Kyle got down on one knee AND PROPOSED!!! And of course, SHE SAID YES! See the surprise proposal below!

Carmela Joy